HPF wheels 17’s, which coil overs do I get?

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    Sep 10, 2020
    Hey guys, I have a 99 cg6 and I also have HPF wheels that are 17s that came off an ep3. I’m not how much I should lower it or what coilovers I should get. I’m new to this so don’t rip me a new one please guys. If anyone could help out it’d be appreciated.
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    I think you mean HFP. ;) What is the width and offset on the wheels?

    I have been running Koni SP1 sport struts, more commonly known as "Yellows", paired with Ground Control coilover sleeves for 7 years or so now and it has been great. The struts allow you to dial in your preferred ride firmness and the sleeves let you dial in the height. I would suggest this setup or full coilovers just because if you ever want to switch up wheels or ride height you are already prepared to do so. Nothing wrong with lowering springs other than you need to buy a set that lowers more in front than rear or the car will have larger front wheel gap (also known as the boat look), or if you buy a set of springs that lower the same front/rear you should pair those with struts that have height adjustability so you can set the fronts lower.

    I have a set of Eibach Sportline lowering springs (2" drop) if interested for sale.

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