HU Upgrade from a Pioneer AVIC-F900BT


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Sep 1, 2006
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East Bay, CA
I have had a Pioneer AVIC-F900BT for like a decade or more. I feel it sounds better than the Alpines I had of the time, but it takes forever to start up, now the touch screen has issues. It had Bluetooth calling but no audio. Truth be told, I still buy CD's so until recently, I didn't really care. Now I am feeling like I am missing out on streaming and just general connectivity. I don't need navigation, just something that supports Apple Car Play, just pondering getting into this decade of audio.

I need 3 preamp outputs (stereo) though 4 could work, I don't run rear speakers, I do have two 10's and components (I plan to upgrade) which I may biamp depending. Other than that, I just want something that sounds solid, works pretty seamlessly, and connects to my phone quickly. I don't care if it is wired, through an iPhone cable, as long as it charges. Dual din is a must, good touch screen is nice. A basic equalizer that is good would be nice, even if digital but I am strongly considering adding an EQ, I am a musician and like to EQ on the fly, though the 3rd din kit is unfortunately hard to find and way over priced, I know I can come up with something if I go that route.

Any suggestions? I have been out the stereo game forever.