Just Installed New Ingalls Torques Dampener

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    Brand & Model: Ingalls P/N 93055 Engine Torque Dampener.
    Price: $136 plus $10 shipping from UltraRev.com
    Pro's: Crisper shifting, No wheel hop, better handling "feel".
    Con's: A little more vibration but not bad at all.
    Final Verdict: No better performance upgrade for the $.

    I had one of these Engine torque dampeners for my 02 Civic and loved it. When I bought my 01 Accord, the shifting was not as crisp as I would have liked so I went on line and saw that Ingalls Engineering had just released this kit for the 98-02 Accords as well as Acura CL & TL's. I went to Ultra Rev and Ordered it up. Since I was familar with the kit, it only took me 15 minutes to install (25 minutes on my Civic because it was my first time) and the changes were awsome! The shifting is nice and crisp and it just feels like I'm getting more power to the road. There's no HP gain but this kit puts the power I've got to the road more efficiently.

    I highly recommend it. I do feel a little more vibration in the cab but that's to be expected as the the kit is a shock absorbing link between the engine and the chassis. I noticed it right after I installed it but now that I have been driving it for a few days, I don't really notice it at all.

    Has anyone else installed this kit? Let me know what you think!!

    I couldn't get the pic's to download but you can check the kit out at http://www.ingallseng.com/.
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    Link does not work. But I want this

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