LED inconsistency -- Recommendation?


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Dec 7, 2018
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99 Accord Coupe v6. I've replaced all interior lights with LED's 5 years ago. There have always been a few on the dash and A/C controls that have been either inconsistent or prone to long periods of just not coming on.

Seems related to the contact they make to the board. It's like they don't have a firm grip on the board as all it takes is a tiny amount of pressure to get them to come back on. For A/C tapping the dash can make one go on or off. One corner of the speedometer is dim, I have to pull the whole thing out to get it back on. When I do that it'll stay on for a while but always goes back out.

Most have been solid though.

Anyway, now I am considering tinkering again on this and wondering if there are either better LED's available or another solution I haven't considered. It might be impossible for LED's to work consistently in these cars. I'd like to replace mine with amber or red if better models are available now.

Any recommendation? Do only factory work consistently? Or is this what happens when you mess with the original equipment and I"m a fool?


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Sep 5, 2008
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Might just be the quality of the LED bulbs you bought. Sometimes the plug that goes into the socket is too small or not shaped properly which results in bad fitment, which results in bad performance. What LED bulbs did you buy? I typically buy from SBL, VLEDS, and another site whose name is escaping me right now. I never buy random LED's on Ebay, etc.