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Sep 29, 2016
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I was having some rough and inconsistent idle issues, as well as a stalling engine if the throttle was pressed too rapidly off idle, so I was going to pull the throttle body off and just clean and replace all sensors while I was there... but... I forgot to buy replacement gaskets...

Anyways, since I had it on hand, I just thought, what the heck, why not just replace the MAP sensor, as it's right there in the open on top of the engine. It turns out, replacing it was a better idea than I imagined, as the idle, still inconsistent with the dirty idle air valve, at least idles smooth, and has more power. Night and day difference!

I also found that the O-ring gasket under the MAP sensor was cracking, so it's possible that it could have been a vacuum leak messing up the sensor readings. The old MAP sensor also did not appear to be dirty either, so I will keep it around, in case the new one ever fails.

So, at least I had some success today, maybe I'll have those gaskets soon, and clean everything else up.

Part # time!
ISUMO GEGT7610-216

-smoother idle
-more power
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