my 2 wheel Honda project...


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Sep 5, 2007
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Tampa Bay
Not a lot of pictures right now, but enough to get the point across...

It is a 1975 CB360T I picked up for $250. When I bought it, it was completely stock, non-running, with 9k miles. Overall condition was about 7/10. I immediately tore it apart and rebuilt the engine, and now started on cafe'n it out.


Here you can see the rear set pegs, and cafe style seat cowl. The seat will be covered in black vinyl forward of the hump, and will be shortened once I get the swing arm and back tire on. The 'rear-sets' are actually the stock passenger pegs, but I built some levers that will work with them for the brakes and shifter. I'll get some detail pics of those once everything is together. I need to find a taillight that I like.


Shaved the badges off the tank, and looking for some old-school Honda decals to replace them.


I found some vintage 36mm clip-on's for it, and replaced the controls with generic switchless parts to clean up the bars. No more turn signals or mirrors. I still need to find a CL60 front wheel to ditch the disc brake, the master cylinder uglied up the bars.


I'm hoping it will look something like this when it is done, with the exhaust routed under the engine. I may try to fit a muffler instead of fabricating a lower cowl.


Another shot, and a quick drawing of my buddies 81 CB650.

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