New Front End


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Sep 29, 2008
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Austin Texas
I think you should get rid of the bra...

Leaving a leather bra on will ruin the paint under it. Especially if you just repainted it.

Have you thought about getting a 3M Clear bra?

I am not worried about the bra. Unlike many places, Austin TX doesn't have enough rain to let there be damaging condensation underneath the bra, and when it does rain I wash the car and take off the bra. I also clean it every time I wash the car in general. I drive on the highway non stop and I consider it essential to preserving my hood. I've driven 24,000 miles since August of 2008 if that's any indication of how intense my commute is. LOL

JBknights10 said:
Looks like you did a real nice job on the fix! Your windows are BLACKED OUT, has to suck at night haha.

Thanks, I've gotten used to them darkness, it was a bit more than I thought I was getting haha. Looks nice tho. :)