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Discussion in 'Engine & Transmission Mods' started by Rklamb2008, Jun 21, 2019.

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    Jun 21, 2019
    Hello guys. I have a 2001 Honda Accord Coup that I did the F20b swap on and I have run into a couple of issues. I have read numerous threads on the swap on different sites and I cant narrow it down. I followed the DIY by a member who did the same swap on a 99 accord. Some of the pinouts on his 99 seem different from my 01. My main issues right now are the fact I'm getting no power on acceleration. I have it to the floor and can barely pick up enough speed to get out of 1 gear. It's an automatic with the MJCA transmission. I believe the tranny maybe bad as the car randomly shuts off in any gear or shifting to lower gears. Also seems to slips since I often have to put it in neutral and back to d4 to catch gears Engine also bogs down in gear.

    Engine code wise I am only seeing two codes. The first being PO113 which is reading -40 degrees and the other is a p1696. Engine runs perfectly in neutral and idle but no power at all once we put it in gear. So I'm wondering if one of these codes could be the reason for bad acceleration or do I just have a bad tranny. Car is for my son who doesnt know how to drive stick so I'm debating on buying another tranny or another jdm f23 with tranny and just resell the f20b.

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