NorCal 6th Gen and All Accord Monthly Meets


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Oct 3, 2007
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stockton, ca
ATTENTION! All Honda Accord Enthusiasts! We've been trying to plan meets at least once a month, to help everyone from the Northern Cali area to come meet other Accord owners! Feel free to add yourself to this page as we can discuss future spots and locations. Livermore meet was a great success, lets try to have more of those!

Let's start planning out the upcoming years events this Saturday at a local car meet hosted by Proper Steez and Original Fitment. This meet is not technically an Accord meet, but it is a perfect spot to start gathering and talk about our Accord meets. I set up the time one hour before the actual car meet so we can meet up before and plan. If you haven't been to the Stockton Sonic's meets, it can get pretty rowdy. A lot of cars show up, and also a lot of immature drivers as well (you've been warned lol) they have been in the past. More info will be provided as day approaches. Feel free to invite all your fellow accord owners!