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Aug 13, 2006
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***** 9450erick will be taking over this project. same email is to be used, along with same format just for oganizational reasons. He will make the video to his preference though. He has set a new deadline of August 1st 2011 which gives everyone another full month. Could we get more interest then 7 please.


do not flame this out...

If you want to be in this video these are what you need to do. I will not go to your page and pic photos. I will not select photos through PM's I will only do this through Email.. In the event this blows up and my mailbox fills and you get a return message saying it was not delivered, then PM me.

I will accept emails until August 1st 2011.. That way it will give people time to get the shots they want

Email Format(please stick to this otherwise i will probably ignore the email. I dont see how this would be too hard for anyone to do, and makes the process a lot easier....

UserName (typed how you have it typed)
Location (City & State)

**Attach 5 photos (prefer better quality) NO FUZZY CELL PHONE PICTURES

Number the photos 1-5 with 1 being your favorite and working back. The 1st 5 you send are the ones that will be used so dont email me later on asking to use a different photo.

Feel free to send more then 5, I will use extras for something in the video, but the original 5 will devote a few seconds to everyone specificly..

Videos will also be accepted, but please dont send me a video that is 3:00 long. clips ranging from 0:05-00:20 seconds will be fine. Im not trying to make this an overwhelming project..

Email this to membervideo11 AT (no spaces with the @ symbol. this is to avoid spam emails)
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Aug 9, 2010
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Very excited to see this. Will email photos when I get home from dinner, or for that matter, roll myself out the door :p