OPINION: Aftermarket Keyless Entry/Remote Starter Devices


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Jan 6, 2015
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2000 Honda Accord LX V6
150k miles

My stalwart 2000 Accord is an LX model, which means no keyless entry. I've endured two decades of inconvenience; now I wants keyless entry and remote ignition as well. So I'm researching various aftermarket products that offer a device that combines these two features.

Two issues rise as common amongst the different brands of this purpose-designed product: anemic instructions and documentation; and issues with ignition immobilizer systems.

The video below illustrates the installation of the Avital 4103 into a 2000 Accord. While it appears to be a chore, it's clearly possible to have success so long as one has all the required devices, accurate instructions, and latest updates. Have you installed this sort of widget into your Accord? If so, mind sharing your experience with the product you chose?


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Sep 6, 2005
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i've used the Viper 5002 alarm on both of the LX 6th gen accords i had and i never had an issues. i liked the 2-way paging ability it had, so if my alarm was going off and the remote was within range, it'd go off as well and display on the lcd screen what was going on. it didn't have remote start though, and i've never had the desire for that either, so i can't be of much help there. you can add stuff onto the alarm i had, but Viper sells different alarms that you can buy with everything you want in them already as well.

i also had a certified shop do the install. i'm not scared of wiring, i just had no confidence in doing the alarm myself haha.

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