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Oct 15, 2012
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The radiator decided to end its life, as I was expecting it to happen soon, based on my experience with my 6GA's six years ago at the similar mileage. These Denso radiators seem like it can only last for less than 200K mi, when they're exposed to somewhat "extreme environment." In fact, this CL spent the most of its life in Indiana, and my 6GA's first few yrs were in Illinois, so that could be one of the reasons why both of my rads were done at 160K mi. I was expecting to get a crack on the surface or something, like I had it on my Accord, but the upper hose neck section got broken into pieces, and the hose got detached. Currently, the car has two aftermarket motor mounts, so I'm guessing the extra vibrations in the bay could have also shortened its life..

I was omw to work at 4:30 am in the cold ass morning below 32°F, when it happened. After a few minutes of driving from home, I started to smell the coolant from my heater duct, and lost the heat all of the sudden. The temp gage sky rocketed, and I knew it was done.. Drove back home immediately for about a few miles, and switched out the car to be on time to work.. Spent a few days of waiting and collecting parts + cleaning out the Blue Hawaii in the bay. Towed the car to the shop with the new parts upon arrival. (BTW, engine coolant can be one of the life hack things to stay away from mouse and rats problem in your home / garage / car, because engine coolant attracts and eventually kills them, since it's sweet & poisonous.)

The shop suggested me getting this aftermarket radiator by Koyo. I always like having OEM parts, but I decided to give it shot. The price was about the same as Denso's Internet sale price, so it was kind of promising as well. Even if not, I believe I can still rock with my Accord's factory one at the motor swap, since it's relatively a new one with the OEM hoses that came with it.

Got the car back from the shop, and drove it back home. I couldn't get enough chance to test it out spiritedly, but... Wow, this clutch pedaling is feeling so much different now lol. I'm still getting used to let it go faster, w/o the fear of getting the harsh engagement, but I like the fact that I don't have to step on it so much anymore in the first place. I need to drive it more to feel more actual differences.:driving:

EDIT: Drove it for a while to get the overall feeling of the difference. Noticed that the pedal has now a little bit of free play in the beginning for about half of an inch. This is why I feel like I only need to step on it so much less than before. The clutching is def faster and smoother on a city driving. It's a lot less likely to hit the stalling point, and move forward by idling, too. The highway driving seems to have small differences in feelings, but the pedaling became a lot smoother n quicker to shift gears and speed up. Overall, it's smoother, quicker, easier. Def sportier feeling than the factory feeling. Ill post up some photos later, when I get a chance, while I'm still allowed to edit things up here :lawl:

EDIT: Here are the fotos attached as I promised!

Engine Bay / Performance:
* Acura OEM+ Clutch Master Cylinder (3G TL / 1G TSX / RSX / 7G AV6) ----- NEW!
* Acura OEM+ Clutch Slave Cylinder (Delay Valve Deleted) ----- NEW!
* Acura OEM+ J37 Intake Manifold (4G TL SH-AWD)
* Acura OEM+ Starter Motor (3G TL Base / 7G AV6)
* Bosch Icon Wiper Blades
* DC Sports Stainless Steel Headers (Auto 2G CL & TL / 6G AV6 Custom Bent)
* Denso Alternator
* Denso Ignition Coils
* Exedy OEM Spec Clutch
* Honda OEM+ J35 Intake Manifold Top Cover (8G AV6 Auto)
* Injen Technology Cold Air Intake
* Injen Technology Hydroshield Air Filter Cover
* Innovative Mounts OEM Spec Engine Mounts
* Koyo Radiator ----- NEW!
* Luk OEM Spec Flywheel
* Magnaflow OEM Grade Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter
* P2R Power Rev Racing Clutch Line ----- NEW!
* P2R Power Rev Racing J32 Throttle body to J37 Intake Manifold Adaptor
* Tanabe Revel Medallion Touring-S Cat-Back Exhausts System

Suspension / Footwork:
* Falken Pro G5 All Season High Performance Tires (1 pair)
* Falken Sincera SN250 All Season Grand-Touring Tires (1 pair)
* SPC Right Front OE Replacing Upper Ball Joint (Front right)
* Unbranded Power Steering Rack + Endlinks

Exterior / Cosmetics:
* Debadged 3.2CL Type-S Emblem (Fell off lol)
* San Marino Pink Clear Coat Cancer lol

* Custom Accessories Black Front Seat Covers
* JDM Air Fresheners
* JDM Front Seats Neck Pillows
* Meguiar's Air Re-Fresher (Applied)
* Weathertech All-Weather Universal Floor mats
* Two-layered Rear Window Films (Purpled & Bubbled lol)

* Stock

Electronics / I.C.E. / Misc.:
* Stock

New OEM Parts Replacement Log:
-- 12/01/2008 99,070 mi Exterior lights checked Light bulb(s)
-- 02/01/2010 107,884 mi Engine/powertrain computer/module
-- 03/04/2010 108,279 mi Water pump & Timing belt
-- 06/16/2012 120,849 mi Battery & light bulbs
-- 01/21/2015 ???,??? mi Rear brake calipers
-- 06/23/2015 133,467 mi Front and Rear Brake Pads
-- 06/23/2015 133,467 mi Front Calipers
-- 06/23/2015 133,467 mi Rear rotors
-- 12/12/2015 135,520 mi Heater control valve
-- 07/27/2020 143,460 mi Fuel Pump Relay
-- 08/26/2020 143,481 mi EGR Valve
-- 08/18/2020 143,483 mi Ignition Coils (Aftermarket)
-- 08/18/2020 143,483 mi Spark Plugs & Wheel studs
-- 12/09/2020 144,476 mi Air Intake (Aftermarket)
-- 12/09/2020 144,476 mi Intake Manifold (OEM+)
-- 12/09/2020 144,476 mi Throttle body gaskets
-- 12/09/2020 144,476 mi Throttle position sensor gasket
-- 12/10/2020 144,476 mi Rear Brake rotors and pads
-- 12/18/2020 144,476 mi Rear wheel bearings and hubs
-- 12/18/2020 144,476 mi Parking Brake hardware kit
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Front Valve Cover
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Intake Manifold Cover Bracket
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Lower Plenum Gasket
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Oil Pan Gasket
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Spark Plug Tube Seals
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Valve Cover Gaskets
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Valve Cover Seal Washers
-- 03/04/2021 144,944 mi Front Upper Ball Joint (Aftermarket)
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi A/C belt
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Camshaft Seal
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Crankshaft Seals
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Drive belt
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Drive belt tensioner
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Fuel Injectors
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Idler Bearing
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Oil Pressure Switch
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Power Steering Pump
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Power Steering Pump Belt
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Spool Valve Filter Housing
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Tensioner Bearing
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Timing Belt
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Water Pump
-- 09/27/2021 148,479 mi Water Temperature Sensor
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Clutch
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Flywheel
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Motor mounts (F & R Aftermarket)
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Motor mount Brackets
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Transmission mount Components
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Cylinder head bolts
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Camshaft thrust covers
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Thermostat sensor switch o-ring
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Head gaskets
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Intake Manifold Plenum Gaskets
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Spark Plugs
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Fuel Rails + Sealing Components
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Injector base gaskets
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Starter (OEM+)
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Alternator (Aftermarket)
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi A/C Compressor (Used)
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Crankshaft Pulley
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Exhausts Manifold Headers & A-pipe (Aftermarket)
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Exhausts manifold gaskets (Aftermarket)
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Oil Pan with Hondabond sealing
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Oil Pump front main oil seal
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Cylinder block rear main oil seal & plate
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Catalytic converter (Aftermarket)
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Exhausts system piping & mufflers (Aftermarket)
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Exhausts hangers
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Power steering rack & outer tie rod ends (Aftermarket)
-- 01/12/2023 150,081 mi Passenger Motor mount
-- 01/12/2023 150,081 mi Valve Cover Seal Washers
-- 01/12/2023 150,081 mi Upper & Lower radiator Hoses
-- 05/25/2023 156,699 mi Tires (Two used)
-- 06/22/2023 157,665 mi Rear Left Brake caliper
-- 06/22/2023 157,665 mi Rear Brake pads
-- 06/29/2023 158,003 mi Driver's side HID ballast (Used)
-- 07/13/2023 158,191 mi Thermostat, Switch, & the cover
-- 11/07/2023 161,788 mi Drive Shafts
-- 11/07/2023 161,788 mi Half Shaft Assembly Components
-- 02/05/2024 164,922 mi Clutch Master Cylinder (OEM+)
-- 02/05/2024 164,922 mi Clutch Slave Cylinder (OEM+)
-- 02/05/2024 164,922 mi Clutch Line (Aftermarket)
-- 02/05/2024 164,922 mi Radiator (Aftermarket)

Vehicle History Service Log:

-- 09/14/2002 5,110 mi General Service
-- 01/30/2003 9,931 mi Recommended mi service
-- 05/14/2003 14,963 mi General Service
-- 08/14/2003 19,156 mi General Service
-- 12/02/2003 23,560 mi General Service
-- 12/29/2003 24,686 mi Wheels & Tires checked
-- 03/08/2004 27,374 mi General Service
-- 10/20/2006 63,964 mi Braking Service
-- 06/14/2007 72,773 mi Braking Service
-- 11/21/2007 79,037 mi Tires checked
-- 12/01/2008 99,070 mi General Service
-- 04/09/2009 99,617 mi Maintenance inspection completed
-- 04/09/2009 99,617 mi Exterior lights checked
-- 03/04/2010 108,279 mi Tires balanced rotated & aligned
-- 03/04/2010 108,279 mi Front brake rotors resurfaced
-- 12/08/2010 113,690 mi Maintenance inspection completed
-- 12/08/2010 113,690 mi Brakes checked
-- 12/08/2010 113,690 mi Tires checked
-- 12/08/2010 113,690 mi Electrical system checked
-- 02/07/2011 114,303 mi General Service
-- 11/29/2011 118,426 mi General Service
-- 03/15/2012 ???,??? mi General Service
-- 06/16/2012 120,849 mi General Service
-- 05/24/2013 125,872 mi General Service
-- 06/07/2013 ???,??? mi General Service
-- 03/07/2014 128,641 mi General Service
-- 01/21/2015 ???,??? mi Brake system bled
-- 06/23/2015 133,467 mi General Service
-- 06/23/2015 133,467 mi Brake fluid changed
-- 07/09/2015 133,534 mi General Service
-- 12/12/2015 135,520 mi General Service
-- 12/12/2015 135,520 mi Cooling, A/C and heating system serviced
-- 12/12/2015 135,520 mi Coolant flushed/changed
-- 09/19/2018 143,359 mi Recommended mi Service
-- 09/19/2018 143,359 mi Drivability/performance checked
-- 08/26/2020 143,481 mi General Service
-- 12/09/2020 144,476 mi Throttle Body Cleaned
-- 12/10/2020 144,476 mi Valve Clearance Adjusted
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Full Vehicle Inspection Serviced
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Valve Clearance Re-Adjusted
-- 01/18/2021 144,506 mi Oil Pan Resealed
-- 02/11/2021 144,627 mi Clutch & Brake fluid changed
-- 02/11/2021 144,627 mi Parking brake adjusted
-- 02/17/2021 144,628 mi Takata Driver Airbag Safety Recall Checked
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Cylinder Head Cleaned and Machined
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Cylinder Head Pressure Test Performed
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Valve Clearance Adjusted
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Engine oil changed
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Clutch fluid changed
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi A/C recharged
-- 10/03/2022 149,282 mi Transmission Case resurfaced
-- 04/20/2023 154,857 mi Engine Oil changed
-- 05/25/2023 156,699 mi Wheels Aligned
-- 06/29/2023 158,005 mi Engine Oil changed
-- 07/23/2023 158,191 mi Brake fluid changed
-- 07/23/2023 158,191 mi Engine bay pressure washed
-- 12/07/2023 163,215 mi Engine Oil changed
-- 02/05/2024 164,922 mi Coolant flushed/changed
-- 02/05/2024 164,922 mi Brake Fluid Added

Vehicle Condition Remarks: Updated:02/06/2024
  1. Left Windshield washer ----- Clogged.
  2. Front Brake Rotors ----- Warped.
  3. Struts ----- Weak.
  4. Passenger's Seat Recliner ----- Stuck.
  5. CD Player ----- N/A.
  6. Front floor under seat ----- Crushed lol.
  7. Brake fluid reservoir tank ----- leaking. (inside)
  8. Battery ----- Weaker.
Parts to pull out during the swap:
– Motor & Transmission + mounts
– Engine Wire Harness + brackets
– Drive Axles + Half Shaft
– Power steering rack
– Cruise Control Unit
– Shift Cables + Shift Box
– Brake pedal
– Clutch pedal
– Clutch pedal mounting box
– Clutch fluid tank + bracket
– Clutch Slave & Master cylinder
– Clutch Line
– Rear brake caliper(s)
– Fuse box
– Keys

Accord parts to reuse / save from the swap:
– 9th Gen Accord Y-pipe & Mufflers (Save)
– A/C Compressor
– Battery Box
– BWR PU Exhaust hangers
– Catalytic Converter (Save)
– Denso Odyssey Alternator
– Engine Mounting Bracket
– Idle Air Control Valve & gasket
– Injen Air Intake (Save)
– Power Steering Oil Hose
– Radiator & Hoses (Reuse / Save TBD)
– Radiator Hoses
– Rear Cylinder Head Cover (Save)
– Thermostat (Save)
– Throttle Cable
– Zero gauge ground wires

I thought the hose just got dethatched, but it really broke off internally..

* Koyo Radiator

* Acura OEM+ Clutch Master Cylinder (3G TL / 1G TSX / RSX / 7G AV6)

* Acura OEM+ Clutch Slave Cylinder (Delay Valve Deleted)

* P2R Power Rev Racing Clutch Line

Thanks for looking! :favorites37:
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Oct 15, 2012
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Seems like we can only attach 5 photos per post, so I had to throw out a new one up here, since I got a small update anyways.

Well, the battery started to get my attention for a replacement. I'd assume that this AAA battery (not the battery size, but it's branded by the roadside assistance company AAA, shown in the pic lol) was preinstalled right about the time I bought this car in '20. It was because it definitely survived this semi-harsh PNW winter weather(s) over the course of crazy climate changing years. For this car, I decided to get the Interstate battery for cheap, instead of my fav Optima Redtops, so I went out to Costco for it. It was kind of funny to purchase it over by the counter at their tire department that time, b/c their system kept telling them that the particular batteries were out of stock for the 2G CL / TL, yet it was still showing them that they're available for the 6G AV6, when I asked them that way lol.

Updated the OP once again after all!!! Posted another newest pic of the engine bay + the oldest pic of the car, taken by the car dealer for sale, when I found her lol. Man, it is so nice to say this phrase once again! :peace:


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Oct 15, 2012
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Had a chance to rotate the tires on my own, and replace the rusty lug nuts with somewhat newer ones from my OEM Accord's that I've kept them for a while, when I got the McGard's for my BBS wheels years ago.

There has been a noticeable gap between the bottom windshield glass panel and the cowl. It used to collect pine needles, and I'm sure this has also trapped the rain water and seeped into the dashboard, which inflated the panel surface over the course or years.

Replaced the rusty radiator holders with the OEM holders which I kept from the Accord's when I got a pair of polished holders by V6P years ago. These won't get carried on after the swap, since I'll be using the V6P's, but I just wanted to replace them anyways.

Ladies and gents, we finally have a vehicle-specific phone holder for our cars. Well, this is really for the 98-02 Accord, but I'd say why not for the CL & TL either. Until this, I was never a fan of having a holder with suction cups / air vent clamps, since the phone obstructs the driving view, and I didn't like the idea of my phone being so hot / cold by the heater / AC. Anyways, this one locates just about the right spot, where it avoids the air way, and my knee clearance when I clutch the pedal. With this thing holding my smart phone from now on, perhaps my CLS might have exceeded the factory navigation models.

Updated the OP once again with these new updates! Thanks for checking! :peace:


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Sep 5, 2008
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Fawking, OH
Darn, was hoping you were going to put the V6P radiator brackets up for sale. Shoulda known better :lawl:

One of the things I actually really enjoy about the 6GA is that getting into it is such a refreshing step away from the constant tech being stuffed into newer cars and subsequently, our faces, and it's such an invigorating step back in time. I put my phone in the center console cubby and don't look at it until I get out of the car.

But it is interesting to me someone thought to engineer a holder that would fit in these cars haha...though I'm guessing the accessory holes in some newer Hondas were the same...not sure.


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Oct 15, 2012
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Darn, was hoping you were going to put the V6P radiator brackets up for sale. Shoulda known better :lawl:

One of the things I actually really enjoy about the 6GA is that getting into it is such a refreshing step away from the constant tech being stuffed into newer cars and subsequently, our faces, and it's such an invigorating step back in time. I put my phone in the center console cubby and don't look at it until I get out of the car.

But it is interesting to me someone thought to engineer a holder that would fit in these cars haha...though I'm guessing the accessory holes in some newer Hondas were the same...not sure.
Oh, not a chance. Those are def keepers for me :favorites37:

Yes indeed, it is a little special feeling for me to stand out from the crowd of tech-spoiled SUV's when driving this V6 coupe in public nowadays. However, I believe there are two contemporary features that this car (and my 6GA) is still missing; navigation & back-up camera. Out of all these crazily spoiling new techs we've seen now, I believe those two features to be very crucial lol.

To me, the only time I want my phone to be facing me is when I'm omw to somewhere unfamiliar, by being a visitor, using a navigation app. Otherwise, I'd throw my phone away like you. I never liked the ideas of getting those aftermarket phone holders (a/c vent clip, dash / window suction), as I've stated previously anyways. Thus, this is extremely innovative and revolutionizing.

It's because it locates right in between the gauge cluster and the air vent. I rarely use a navigation in the 1st place but, I feel much safer and efficient on my traveling, when I'm on the nav from now on. Yeah it's interesting, and I think it's also very respectful to see that this guy actually spent some time and effort to R & D such vehicle-specific add-on into this chassis with poor aftermarket support in the first place. At least, I am fully appreciated.

Not so sure if this will cover the 7GA + later Hondas / Acuras as well, but my 2G '10 Pilot has different shape for sure. This guy actually makes a few different stuff on a few random cars with different year, make, and models btw.

Sil2DrV6 can you share a link of where to buy such phone holder? Or at least the name of it, so I can google it? Thanks!
See the OP. :poke: