Rolling shots...


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Oct 12, 2006
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Germantown MD
I believe the front arm holding the pipe are light stand holders. The arm he's using for the Canon 450D is a Bogen Super Clamp

if you closely there is something else is attach to the clamp to hold the camera. which i said it might be a quick release or something like that.

ok, here are every bit of information about my rig...

- avenger f1000 suction cups (x2)
- manfrotto super clamps (x3)
- manfrotto magic arm (x1)
- steel pole / pipe (x1)

i got the suction cups from, they are $56.95 a piece, got manfrotto super clamps ($26.99 each) and magic arm ($99.95) from, they do have different models, the one i got is with camera platform, other one is with quick release like the tripod.

i got the pole from home depot just look for steel and some what light weight cuz once camera and magic arm is attached to it is pretty heavy. ( i use D50 for rig, havent tried with D300 yet ) and cost me 10 bux...

now go shop and put it together and have fun~ if you have any questions just ask away here or PM me...