FS: SALE: Clutch, Strut bar, shocks, wheels, stuff


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Mar 14, 2008
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Birmingham, AL
HOLIDAY PRICES: Cleaning out my garage so I'm listing stuff fairly cheap until january 10th, then the prices go up. Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees but if shipping ends up being more than $20-30 then I'll drop the price some.

It may take a couple of days for me to get back to you with shipping costs as i stay pretty busy but I'll do my best.

Clutch Master 08-014-HD00 (stage 1) $170 + shipping
includes throwout bearing and alignment tool
Story: Bought this years ago and had it installed with a ACT flywheel at some sketchy shop. They claimed the car wouldn't shift gears and blamed the clutch claiming the pressure disk was a resurfaced item and wouldn't work. Anyways, I had to pay (again) to have an OEM one put in. I had this clutch thoroughly inspected at a clutch shop a couple years ago and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's a brand new clutch that was installed for a day then sitting on my garage for about 6 or 7 years.
Clutch Masters 08-014-HD00 $250 by thealcatote, on Flickr

stock wheels with good tires $160
Prefer not to ship
20141214_172825 by Jonathan Boothe, on Flickr

Tokico Blues $130 shipped
Well used, unknown miles. These were used for many years but they are still in good shape. none are blown and no signs of leakage
DSC_2993 by Jonathan Boothe, on Flickr
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