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Sep 5, 2005
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Alexandria, VA
I like #3

My only C&C would be composition. With the exception of #1 and #3, I don't think the composition of any of them are too interesting, not that it ruins the photos, just imo the vibrant subjects make the pictures more than the pictures standing on their own.

As an example for #1, what is your point in shooting the peacock? If it's because it's a regal creature standing proud and tall, give some height to the frame to reflect the mood you're trying to communicate. I dunno, just my $.02. The best pictures for me are always the ones that either tell a story, or that direct my attention in a way that I'm curious about the story/context


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Mar 14, 2008
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Birmingham, AL
nice pix man. the peacock one's are very vibrant.
for technique, the bike one would be better if you either zoomed out or panned more to the left to draw more attention to the fact that the bike is a 2 person bike. the flowers are colorful but because the background is all the same flowers it makes the picture look very flat. either change angle to have more of the green plant in the background or better yet, use the on body flash.

lots of people tend not to use the on body flash when they get a DSLR but for a close up picture like that just adjust the exposure of the picture and flash by a whole step or more and it'll create a softer fill flash. or use something to diffuse the flash like cheap thin printer paper, a tissue, or an infant sock. then you wouldnt have to underexpose the flash as much
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