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May 27, 2012
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Get a Fluke Meter and measure maximum output voltage at your speaker terminals. Adjust your system gains and amp gains to allow playing of all music at full blast while keeping the maximum voltage output below the RMS value of your speaker. You will need to know your speaker impedance in RMS watts in order to calculate maximum voltage.

Voltage Max=SQRT(Power RMS(watts)xResistance (ohms))

This is the same way you tune a system for concerts and clubs with big PA's. Playing Skrillex loud shouldn't be a problem if your system is tuned.

Here's what I do for my systems:
1. Find a loud song with lots of bass between 35-100 hz like dubstep or run sinewave sweeps between 30-100 Hz.
2. Disconnect Subwoofer terminals
3. Adjust head unit crossover points to 80hz high and low pass
4. Turn up song to full blast and maximum bass on head unit
5. Attach fluke meter to amp terminal outputs
6. Measure VDC Voltage and record maximum voltage spike
7. Adjust gains on amp until voltage spike is below your RMS voltage calculated above.
8. Reconnect Subwoofer
9. Enjoy your system as loud as you want since you have reduced the likelyhood of grenading your subwoofer.

If you are not happy with bass output then you need a larger subwoofer or more subwoofers.

dd1 your amp and youre fine lol. its okay to overpower subs as long as youre giving it clean power (dd1) i like the math behind it but the engineers over at d'amore already made a tool to set your system gains. i dont nessesarily agree with your statement of giving a speaker equal to or less than their rated RMS #'s. i have a sundown sa-8 v2 and they are rated at "500" rms but people put 1k to them all day and have had no issues for over a year; clean songs and clean power are a subs best friend


Feb 19, 2013
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The DD1 looks like it would tune your system, but I'd rather spend the money of a Fluke meter and an O-Scope. It seems that the DD1 is focusing on getting the cleanest signal you can which is great for SQL comps, I don't really need that. I mean for $5 you can buy a harbor freight multimeter and get close enough to keep your speakers from blowing.

This video actually walks you through the basic process if you care at all.

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Feb 18, 2007
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"cars drive by with the boomin systems, i must be gettin old cuz the bass sounds ridiculous..."

i agree with you 110%.i remember going along in year 2000 when i first started driving bass was big along with the late mid late 90s .but from 2006 and up i noticed bass went down and you dont hear people bumping there systems anymore.well atleast me living in boston area and ghetto parts of mass they dontdo it anymore bass means theft.means look at me thats why people dont do it,it bring to much attention to there cars


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Oct 17, 2008
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I can generally hear sq issues in songs. I'll always listen to a song to make sure there isn't issues like this at a certain volume. Then I crank it if it's ok.

I have a "boomin stereo" but I frequently listen to rock. Tom Petty, Pearl Jam and J. Hendrix to name a few. Sure I got a list of gangsta rap, but my collection is eclectic. And if you blow your subs listening to Lil deserved it! :owned: