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Sep 19, 2007
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the O.C.
Re: THE Tire Review Sticky

Tire: Nitto 555's - 225/35-19

Paid: $110 a pop (discounted)

Mileage: Good thus far, just rotated at 3k miles.

Pros: Excellent Dry Grip, warm em' up, you got a slick almost. Handles extremely well in dry. On 19" this tire feels soft, absorbs impact very nicely and has no road noise whatsoever.

Cons: Not a tire for wet condition. May not be a long lasting tire.

Final Verdict: For So Cal driving it's great! I take this canyon road near the mountains at least once a month and the car just stays glued to the ground. For drag, 3k RPM launch without warming up tires hooks up nicely.

Tire: Pirelli P Zero Nero - 215/45-17 & 225/45-17

Paid: $100 a pop (discounted)

Mileage: Very Good, just rotated at 3k miles.

Pros: Veru Nice Dry Grip. Handles extremely well in dry and wet. It ride soft and has very minimal road noise.

Cons: Good thread life, great All Season Tire and looks very, very nice.

Final Verdict: I think it is a well balanced tire for all occasions. Looks like it's going to last a while too.
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Sep 29, 2005
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Re: THE Tire Review Sticky

Yokohama AVS ES100s (225/45/17) - roughly $430 for a set after shipping from TireRack

Pros: Excellent grip in both dry, and wet conditions; useful tread design/pattern

Cons: Road noise increases as their age progresses

REO50A Pole Position's

How quiet are they during normal driving? They're probably going to be my next set of tires.


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Mar 23, 2006
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Re: THE Tire Review Sticky

Yokoham Parada Spec-2 (225-40-18) Z rated.
This may have been the worste tire on earth, very load, moderate grip. Tire wear was ok, very little side wall. $125/tire

Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 (225-40-18) W rated.
The one tire that made me reconsider the Paradas as worst tire on earth. It took 3 visits to balance them. They developed hard spots, literally, never was a good tire. And also very loud, just not Parada mud truck loud. $112/tire

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Positions (225-45-17) Z rated.
Ok, as others have said. This might be the best summer tire ever made. Sticks like glue in the summer. Super quiet, thus far I find tread wear to be good. Worth ever penny of the $150+ per tire. These tires are so good I immediately ordered another 235-45-17 set and spare 17x7.5" rims to put them on for my wife's TSX, this tire impressed me that much. Even my wife, who is not an enthusiast loves these tires. especially in the rain.

Goodyear Eagle ICE Grips 215-55-16 (winter)
Had these on the wifes car for 2-3 winters. Absolutely a stellar winter tire. I loved these even more then Blizzaks. We sold our 16" winter rims to my folks when they got a new Accord. Unfortunately now discontinued.

Dunlop Winter sport M3's 215-50-17 (winter)
No complaints very good in the snow. A litte loud but what can you expect for snow tires. $500 for the set, excellent tire. Since Dunlop and Goodyear are the same company now, these may very well be a cousin to the ICE grips, the tread looks very much the same.


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Jan 6, 2007
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Tee Dot Ohh
Re: THE Tire Review Sticky

Brand & model & size - Nexxen 3000 225-40-18 Summer/All-season) Z rated
Price paid, Mileage - paid 350 +/- for set, I have approx. 12K km more or less.
Pros - Good traction Wet & dry. 10 X better that stock tires
Final verdict - I would like to try Falken RT 615's when I'm ready to replace the Nexxen's
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Mar 1, 2006
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Nashville, TN
Re: THE Tire Review Sticky

Falken ZIEX 512 (225/40/18)
Price paid, Mileage - i think it was around $600..not sure...Mileage 15K
Pros - very sticky tire in dry roads...low road noise
Cons - felt like i was going to die on wet roads, AWFUL tread life, ugly sidewall and tread
Final verdict - will NEVER buy these again...almost no tread life, i hated driving in the rain...not worth the money at all..

NOW i just have to find what to replace them with...any thoughts? i need something with some good tread life...don't need anything for high speeds..never go above 80mph


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Jul 20, 2007
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MA,New Hampshire
Brand & model & size - YOKOHAMA AVID H4S 225/40/18 all-season
Price paid, Mileage - 650 buks 1200 Miles
Pros - great in the hydroplan..handle is great while cornering..quite while driving[hope i spell that right]..
Cons - none
Final verdict - Would you buy the tire again? i would buy it again..



Jul 5, 2007
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Toyo Proxes 4 - High-Performance All-Season- 225/45/17
Price paid, Mileage - N/A
Pros - Looks Great
Cons - Cornering squeal was rediculous; Camber wear even more rediculous; These tires didn't last worth CRAP; and seemed kinda loud
Final verdict - 3/10. No way would I buy again. Cornering was so below what it should have been. Squealed even on just a sharp turn-in at an on-ramp to the interstate. Tread design looks great, and so does the tire's side profile. But that's it... handles rain well from what I could tell. Pretty noisy.


Hancook Ventus HRII H405 - High-performance All-Season (Summer Tire for me)- 225/45/17
Price paid - $87 per tire at
Mileage - Not much yet, couple thousand...
Pros - VERY good traction, exceptional cornering and stopping, good in the rain too.
Cons - These tires really don't really squeal at their limit. You'll smell 'em before you hear 'em. May not give audible feedback when they reach their limits, but the limit is HIGH and you'll feel it. Tire design/style is nothing special.
Final verdict - 9/10. Absolutely. I'll have to report back about lifespan, but these tires perform AWESOME for the price. Hopefully others have had the same experience, because the value here is so high. If they hold up even close to what they are supposed to, I'll be buying them again.
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Sep 5, 2008
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Fawking, OH
Michelin MXV4 Plus - V Rated A/S Tire - 205/60/16 (stock)
Price paid - cannot recall but I do know they were slightly overpriced, bought at Sears Auto.
Mileage - 25k
Pros - Nice sidewall compared with similar tires, average tread pattern. Surprising grip for a/s tires, but had their breaking point. Quiet and steady at higher speeds, though ride seemed a little rougher than it should have been. Phenomenal in deep snow. Great treadwear/life.
Cons - Pricey. Allow too much body roll. Definitely ride rougher than they should.
Final Verdict - I only bought these because I had just bought the car and wanted everything oem, plus I only needed fronts. Like all Michelins, i.e. MXM4's, these tires are overpriced for the performance. They're not bad, they're great if you just want something that looks decent and is dependable for stock. In retrospect I could have gotten something that gave me the same performance or better, for less money.


Toyo Proxes T1R - Ultra High Performance Summer Tire - 215/50/17
Price paid - $175 per tire at Tire Discounters
Mileage - only used them for about 5000mi, then winter came so I took em off.
Pros - Extremely attractive sidewall and tread pattern. Rim Protector Lip. Will take you to the edge in dry traction and then take you further. Almost the same for wet. The few times I tried squealing them, it wasn't easy. They have great treadwear/life for a summer tire especially. Cornering is about all you can ask for.
Cons - A bit pricey (though ordering a comparable tire online will end up costing a lot too). But you get what you pay for, end of story.
Final Verdict - Couldn't ask for a better summer tire, I was consistenly impressed by their ability. As stiff as the sidewall is, they ride maybe slightly harder than stock, and they are very quiet. I would buy these again and not think twice. I believe Edge Racing has these for $160 which is still a bit of green...but if you don't compromise when it comes to your car, try em.


Toyo Proxes 4 - Ultra High Performance A/S - 215/50/17
Price paid - Forget. Bought at Tire Discounters though.
Mileage - Will get back to this.
Pros - Attractive sidewall and tread pattern. Rim protector lip. I was disappointed at first, but that was just coming off the Toyo T1R's (see above) so I was not use to driving all seasons again. These tires grip the road in dry pretty well, and just a little less in wet. In my experience they are quiet and take bumps pretty well. I really thought they would be awful in the snow but I was pleasantly surprised, I was having little trouble in the snow/ice storm that just swept through the midwest and was going faster than most other cars on the road. There is a little body roll but I don't think it's any more than normal.
Cons - I think you can get a tire just as good as this for less, I only bought them because I had such an amazing experience with the T1R's that I am loyal to Toyo. I didn't want to do any guess work with what tires I should buy that are all around good all seasons. I was not disappointed.
Final Verdict - If you don't want to take a chance of getting tires you may not end up happy on and are willing to spend a little above average, I suggest these tires.


Pirelli P7000 SS - Ultra High Performance A/S - 225/40/18
Price paid - NA (bought used w/rims from a member)
Mileage - NA
Pros - Nice looking side wall and tread pattern. Good grip, not easy to chirp. Bites the tarmac in sharp turns when changing direction quickly. Mine are noisy but that is because the previous owner let them wear unevenly due to toe, etc...but Pirelli's are known for being quiet.
Cons - Can't say yet...
Final Verdict - Good tire, holds up to abuse for as low profile as they are. Will have to see about quiet/smoothness when they wear down to even. From what I can tell, I would recommend.


BCT s800 - Summer Tire - 235/40/18
Price paid - NA (bought used w/rims from a member)
Mileage - NA
Pros - Nice looking side wall and tread pattern. Acceptable dry grip.
Cons - Noisy, hardly any wet grip, quality is iffy.
Final Verdict - They came on some rims I bought used...which is the only reason I have these. I would not recommend them. But if you need a cheap tire to get you from A to B, they'll do the job.
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Oct 12, 2008
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Jacksonville, Fl
BFgoodrich G-Force Sport 215/45/17ZR
Price paid: 100 per tire from Discount Tires
Mileage: 23k
Pro's: These tires are quiet, even when low on tread. Great cornering and dry traction with confidence in rain without hydroplaning. Great resistance to following cracks in the road, holds pressure well.
Con's little to no rim protector, soft sidewalls, none others..
Final Verdict I do a lot of driving for work, i drive anywhere from 50 - 100 miles a night, and these tires haven't failed yet. This is my second set. The cool thing is that BFg warranty's them for 30k, so if they don't make it, you get it prorated on your next set. They are cost efficient, and can handle spirited driving. They resist camber wear quite well. BFg has earned my loyalty.


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Feb 18, 2007
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gloucester mass
goodyear assurance tripletreds
great dry and wet and snow handling awesome tread design great on cornering, very little road noise greta in ice too ,very sticky tire cept them at 32psi still after 15k havent really worn down at all with 1 rotate every 10k,nice sidewall also
i dont think there is a cons to this havent found any
$ 480 installed
discount tire direct on sale for 92 dollars each with a 50 dollar coupon off a order of 300 or more