T'shooting Transmission Solenoid Assembly

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    I’m working through the A/T Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Valve A/B Assembly test procedure listing in the Honda Service Manual (HSM), followed by the Lock-up Control Solenoid Valve - Shift Control Solenoid Valve A Assembly test. My question concerns resistance readings on one of the assemblies.

    HSM lists normal resistance for both assemblies. The resistance on the lock-up control solenoid valve is well inside the acceptable range. However, resistance of the a/t clutch pressure control solenoid valve a/b is ~6Ω on both solenoids—HSM says it should be 5Ω.

    I interpret ~6Ω resistance across both solenoids in the a/t clutch pressure control solenoid valve a/b assembly as high, and I was about to order a replacement. But it’s only ~1Ω over spec and I’d hate to order a part that doesn’t require replacement.

    Thought? Opinions?

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