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Sep 19, 2005
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SW suburbs, MN
HAHAHAHA! you guys rule.... yeah it took a ***t ton of time, patience, and persistence (money also but i ran out midway through, and thank god i have CC's!) to get to this point. Thanks for the support guys it's awesome being a part of this forum. This guy seems like he has had enough info, but i will post my $.02 anyway... just to try to help out from experience.

The f23 is a wonderful motor to turbo. The piston rings are weaker than my grandma though, ha. If you are looking to push some serious numbers through a stock bottom end, you better either have one of the best tuners in the nations (or damn near) or be prepared to buy motor after motor lol. A safe "standard" for a stock motor is 6-7psi 8 is okay as long as you have it tuned and enough fuel going to it. typically that results in something around 230whp, possibly up to 250whp.

It is true it all depends on the turbo on what psi you can run in your car, and the airflow, and many different factors. I would choose a turbo that works well with the car stock bottom end. something that is ball bearing (if you got the money) to improve on later but small enough so you don't have to wait till the world ends for it to spool.

If you have a shop that you know of that is great at fabricating, have them make you all of the piping (a little more expensive, but its not generic) and piece out the rest of the kit. A good idea is to upgrade the injectors so you have enough fuel going into it and a tuning system that will allow improvement in the future w/o replacement later, and a tuner that knows what he is doing.

okay, im done rambling, anything else i can help you just give me a shout!

Thanks guys for the support, the best forum on the internet for us is right here!