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    At work I'm being tasked with upgrading internet and the networks for several of our sites. We are also looking at bringing some new sites, 3 total, live sometime this year as late as spring of next year. This will bring up the total of sites from 33 to 36 when these sites go live.

    Of everything I've seen, I'm coming to Ubiquity line of products to use for my network backbone. Everything I've seen about Ubiquity is exactly what I'm looking to do at these sites: Enterprise level network management.

    The one thing I'm a bit hung up on at the moment is the router. CISCO is a out of my league, primarily due to the command line environment. Ubiquity has their routers as well, but those seem to have command line as well? I know I can learn this stuff, but I need to learn this stuff ASAP as the first site is getting their internet upgraded here in about 3 weeks.

    This first site is coming from 3 separate DSL lines, 1.5Mpbs, 3Mbps, and 3Mbps, to a single 20Mbps. Each DSL connection is its own separate network. When this is all said and done, all 40(ish) workstations and 30(ish) tablets / laptops will all be on the same network.

    I need to know what options I have available for routing.

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