Uniquex's 98 accord coupe v6


Jul 18, 2007
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damn i like this white clean coupe looks good bro
Thanks man =D

i personally like this ride more then mikeymike riide now...i just love how coupe oem style lip kit look...!!
His car actually motivated me into getting the TL rims, i was close to painting it his color too but he would've been pissed..

That is one clean ride, I do like the mikxing on the kits.
Thank you, took me a long time to find oem lips

Sonnick Very clean man. I like it a lot.

Mikey's gonna be pissedddd Lol.

How do the 7th Gen v6 mufflers sound?
haha Shhh.. and the 7th gen mufflers sound Great, very subtle purr, that's probably because i removed my resonator.

turbocayenne kevin what up.... nice car.. i thought your car was black?????
Thanks man, how are the illuminas? everything cool with them? my car was actually dark emerald pearl. but got it painted. i just need to update my profile picture on v6p lol

lwlba definitely loving teh oem lip kits and the black housing =)
Thanks man =)

johannaccord1 nice and clean. where in CA are u from? sick ride over all
Thanks man, i'm from San Diego

JMillerF23A1 Honda Emblems on the RSX FTW!!!! Staying true to its roots......
haha, that's the way to go. i actually saw some new civics with acura emblems... :confused:

silverbullet2k7 thats a nice white..mine is called crystal white frm the 2006 lexus rx330
I was thinking about getting the lexus whites.. they're so nice.. do you have any pictures of them?

Accord2Show Question on your black housing headlights, where did you get them?
I got them from a member on v6performance.net for 70 dollars you can actually get them from ebay i think. the brand is Depo

accordman1 Very nice and clean.
Thank you =)

LitoCG2Rider wow the TL rim look good on your car...love the lip kit also.looking good
you need to go low with the TL rims, or else they'll look like they're sticking out
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