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Sep 5, 2005
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Alexandria, VA
These rules specifically apply to the Group Buy & Vendor forum here, in addition to the rules already in place.

1. All threads must be approved before being posted. If you do not have permission ahead of time, your thread will be deleted and you may even get a temporary ban from the site.

2. This forum is meant to compliment this forum. New members will not be allowed to post threads simply to take advantage of the members here and then leave. Therefore, when you contact an admin for permission, list any references you have. No group buys or vendor threads will be allowed by untrustworthy individuals.

3. While sellers can respond to threads about their products or services to try and explain a situation, arguing with customers WILL NOT be tolerated here. Your reputation as a seller on this site is directly related to the reviews other members will inevitably post about you. If you respond to a member's review to argue with them or demean them, you will be warned. If it happens repeatedly, you will lose your priviliges to post group buys & vendor threads on this forum.

If people do not accept your explanation, deal with it. If you hope to be a respectable business, you're better off apologizing to whoever is unsatisfied and offer to remedy the solution. If you have already done that, or tried to, and the problem still persists, leave it at that and move on. We don't take fondly to people saying the same things over and over here.

4. The moderation team can close your thread at any time, without any notice. If this happens, you are to contact one of us privately to discuss why. Creating a new topic to whine about why we closed your thread will only get you into more trouble.
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