What car did you take Drivers Ed in?

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    My driving instructor had a 2003ish VW Passat V6. Man, the steering was heavy. My last lesson she got a then brand new 2011 Hyundai Sonata. This may sound weird, but I got my license in 2010. (why do car makers do that? release a 2011 model in 2010?)



    I drove my parents' '93 Accord 10th Anniversary sedan for awhile. It remains the only new car they have ever bought. I have a soft spot for that car. It was Frost White, there were so many things wrong with it (A/C, ABS, back speakers, motor mounts were all broken), but I called it Mr. Miyagi because it was old and Japanese but always had my back. It's been hit, and stolen (recovered after 3 weeks with no battery, fuses, or fuel gauge). My parents passed that car to my sister when I got my 6GA, and it's still in our family.

    Here it is on the right
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