Yazoo City is a Real Place…

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by Holton 345, Feb 26, 2019.

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    Yazoo City, Mississippi
    … and it is where I live.

    My name is Wade and I live in Yazoo City, Mississippi. I am a professional symphony orchestra musician. I work about an hour to the south in Jackson, and I teach all over the state. So does my wife. So we rack up the miles very fast around here.

    We hang on to our old cars and try to fix them up so we have backup vehicles. My current interest is our old 2001 DX Value Package, which has some interesting differences from the other trim levels, the main one being the F23A5 under the hood, which makes 135 HP (whoa, amazing!) and lacks VTEC.

    At nearly 300,000 miles on it I am glad it lacks VTEC, or power locks or power windows, or much of anything else. None of that stuff is present to break. The car is an Accord from a known-solid generation but it lacks a lot of things that can plague most old cars.

    So that means I have many fewer problems with it than the "nicer" trimmed 6th Gen Accords.

    I am about to turn 54 years old now and I have my "fun" vehicles (mostly manuals) and lament this one's automatic, so swapping in a 5 speed is one of the things I hope to do, eventually.

    Right now I am happy to have her running really well again, after a year of it being parked.

    Lots of stuff to do. Lots of work. But I really do prefer this old Accord to my 2015, and there is no contest with the 2010, which is a boat that I do not care for much at all. (It is my other automatic.)

    Right now I am enjoying a nice running car, but the audio blows, so I am about to stick some new stuff in there, which should be fun.

    Next will be the headliner and the AC blower motor.

    This summer will see the timing belt, water pump and belt, thermostat, two accessory belts and some other goodies being yanked off and replaced.

    I hope the damned thing doesn't explode on me.

    Fingers crossed.

    Later, folks. ;-)
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    Fawking, OH
    Welcome to the site, 300k miles is a healthy number.
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    Sep 5, 2018
    Welcome to the 6th gen city :lawl:

    Glad to see people keep riding those wonderful cars.
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    Feb 8, 2015
    Welcome aboard! Post some pictures of your car when you can.

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