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  • Hey man, haven't seen you on the site in a while...everything cool? Well...I just ordered my obd1 H22, and have collected the other parts I needed...so hopefully when it gets here (they extimated thursday or friday of next week) I will have a weekend project, the aute trans finally took a dump on me, fortunately I was able to drive in limp mode to get the car home..I'll keep you posted on the work..i'm gonna dive into this with a couple of my buddies, i'm gonna start with the P13 coming with the motor, can't pocket the P28 w/ Hondata right now..but see ya around dude...next time maybe it'll be my lights zooming up on ya..haha
    I had a shop do it but I helped as well a little. I would have done it but I didn't have a place to do it and a lift makes a big difference
    okay, i did check them out, being in orlando their shipping cost is only $65..something to look into. Hey i really do appreciate all the support, did oyu do swap or did you have a shop do it?
    Thats what I have. I believe mine is from a 95 Prelude. Just get that jumper harness and a P28. If you have the extra cash, get yourself Hondata right off the bat. Tuned bone strock my car put down 180 whp with intake and axle back exhaust. After the I/H/E and Hondata I am makin 197 whp. The only thing that you really have to worry about is the driver side mount. IT needs to be custom made, also, if you are going to run ac and power steering the power steering line needs to be extended about 2"
    awesome dude, I really appreciate the info bro. I found a good H22 priced resonably well, but it's obd1, so I might go that route, we'll see how it goes..later
    Yeah, I used the hondata jumper harness to go from obd2 to obd1 and used a P28 ecu chipped with Hondata s100. As for the exhaust and all. I had mine custom made. Its 2.5" exhaust with no cat and no resonator with a magnaflow muffler. The header is a Kamakazi header wrapped with thermo wrap. As for fitment issues. You will need to have a custom test pipe made to fit between the header and any aftermarket exhaust for the 6th gen. Hope this helps
    hey dude, a couple of ?'s first, did you go obd2 to obd1, and second, what header exhaust set up are you running, do you have any fitment issues...thanks dude, talk to ya...
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