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    Jacking up 2000 Accord via factory pinch weld

    We don't bend them they get bent from daily driving :thinking: at least 2 of mine did :mario:
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    New from Brazil

    AT problems, damn near every one with them has problems
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    My 2001 EX-L Sedan

    Nice clean start
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    did they make OEM window visors?

    Oem for another car does not make them oem for our cars :Boo:
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    did they make OEM window visors?

    :pics-stfu: Damn near every part has a factory stamp on it, I would love to see the stamp on your "OEM" visors You could search this forum all you want & no one has OEM visors. You think out of the 11+ years of the 6th gens existence it hasn't came up a time or two & that your the only person...
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    new 01 sedan owner from Denver

    Yup my bad good lookin out The AP2 cluster is sick but idk if it is even possible to convert into our cars. Retrofits are when you take your existing lights & retrofit them with projectors they look 100X better (when done properly) then any aftermarket projectors they make for the 6th gens...
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    new 01 sedan owner from Denver

    AP2 if any Retrofit headlights Wings West type w Your choice of 17"+ with a -15 to -25 offset 8"+ wide FF type 1 or 2 or 2.5 H22 would be your best bet Good luck & try to have a theme in mind before you start on it.
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    gabrielandre's 2001 Honda Accord Sedan.

    These guys know what their talkin about, just like they called out all the mods on your pops car.... But yeah lower it, it will look just like any other lowered 6th gen on stock rims. Those rims plastidiped white will give it a clean look until you decide to upgrade. Welcome to the site, check...
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    Jv6! Ride of the Year

    Congrats bro
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    did they make OEM window visors?

    Just because they say Accord on them doesn't make them OEM. There's a shit load of china made visors on eBay that are so called "JDM" The closest thing you could get are the 7th gen oem visors & trim them to fit our 6th gens. It has been covered on the forum before.
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    Light Shortage?

    So what are you going to do when you have to replace the battery? :manos:
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    The H.I.D. Guide

    3000k look up the HID color spectrum it will give you all the info you need.
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    Load on her rack

    Damn T I figured you would throw it on the mother ship.....
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    Welcome to 6th gen
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Well yesterday I went to pick up my son from school, I took a left n my car died for a second. Yes the gas was low, the light didn't turn on yet so I thought I had about another 10-15 miles left. So I drive the 1.5 miles to get to his school & turn the car off. Once we were all in the car ready...