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  • haha yup diamond bar.. well actually its sanbernardino but im in diamond bar every week lol just because its that much better than my area
    hey bro where exactly do you live in cali. i wanted to but some decals but i dont have an account to pay online lol
    lol, yea, i wish i had money to spend....i wanna get an apple laptop and a video camera haha...and of course the list for my car haha.
    haha, damn, that sucks. glad you got it all fixed tho. starts a lot better now huh? haha.
    yea. after you take the starter off, you just take the bolt out and then swap the bolt and holder over to the new one. then bolt the new one on and hook up the power wire, then put everything else back together. its takes more time getting everything out of the way than it does actually swapping out the starter, haha. i think i did mine start to finish in like 45 minutes? hahaha.
    haha, noo. the only thing with the coolant lines, and its just the lower one, is the holder for it thats mounted on the starter. its cake.
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