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  • Hey, I'm trying to swap in a JDM H22A Redtop from a wrecking 2002 Euro R CL1 into my '98 Accord LXi (DX), and I want to know if I can transplant the engine, ECU and wiring right into my car and turn the key with minimal fabrication. Most people have to fab stuff, as they typically take the engine from a Prelude, but I wanna know if I can swap all the running gear right from a CL1 into a CG5 and turn the key.
    Hey i see you were able to swapped the H22 into you 6th gen. I was just able to do this myself. It starts fine but i think i goofed something up at the vaccum lines, the car idles at 3500 rpms. i know the tune is good my friend tried it in his prelude. i was curious to know how you have you evap purge line connected. if you have wny pictures of a close up i would be thankfulf.

    [email protected]
    nice ride's man, just curios though, I've checked all of your threads(skimmed really) but i cant find what im looking for... what kind of wheels(rims&tires) are you running on the accord? i really like them!
    By some random chance do u know if the h22 IM would be a direct bolt on to the f23 sounds weird but someone told me it did...thanks Jim
    thanks for the info. When I start getting the parts together for my H22 swap I will have to hit you up.
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