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    WTB:Racing Raven Grille

    Any pix of a sedan grill that was cut out? Ive been looking for a coupe bumber here and its impossible.....=/
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    OFFICIAL SSM Sedan/Coupe Crew Roll Call

    Tryin to find some decent coilovers for a decsnt price. Plus central cali doesnt have the smoother roads lmao
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    OFFICIAL SSM Sedan/Coupe Crew Roll Call

    Can I get my 2 cents in on this one??? :naughty:
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    UPDATE!!! Reppin the 559!! Eddrockstar7's 98 Accord v6 Sedan 56K

    Hey guys any meets in central cali anytime soon?
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    99Vtec's 1999 Accord Coupe EX V6 (56k?)

    16 years old and this is ur first car. Nice lol Look like ur on the right page but remember this is ur car! Make it to ur liking! This is my car!
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    UPDATE!!! Reppin the 559!! Eddrockstar7's 98 Accord v6 Sedan 56K

    Really bored on this 3 day weekend lol enjoy! Finally black housed ....and I gotta say I love it
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    does your CAI sound like this?

    Not his of his brake lamps are out...... :doh:
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    car heating up =/

    I stuck a thumb tack between both wires just to see if its the fan.... its not the fan.... ima try the switch and get back to this...
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    car heating up =/

    Searched threads and didnt find anything on this. My car has been heating up latley only when im at a red light for a while with the a/c so i checked it out and the 2nd fan isnt turning on which is causing the temp to rise. I was told the cooling fan temp sensor would be out... any one have a...
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    Official September 17th SoCal End of Summer BBQ @ Hunington Beach Fire Pits

    NO way thats crazy me too.... U taking ur accord?? Ill be in vegas sorry guys...=(
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    2011 Socal Cruise Meet Pix

    Yeah im down too i wanna meet the 6ga crew... Does that sound noobish?? Lol:eusa_wall:
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    2011 Socal Cruise Meet Pix

    Yeah when is it?? I kno ill make it next time!
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    2011 Socal Cruise Meet Pix

    Man Wish my tensioner didnt effin go out on me! Wish i could meet u guys i feel like a total noob! lol Next time fo sho!:)
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    DIY: Engine Paint

    This is an awesome DIY thread! Im gonna try it out but ima paint my paint calipers yellow like the lambo from the dark knight just to see how it come out them paint the engine to match it! Will post pix soon
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    OFFICIAL socal meet Aug 13th Santa Monica pier

    Thanx bro. im just happy i wasnt that far out. but mayb there will be another some time soon =/