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  • the 18 needs 6 cubic feet at 35 hz to work fine for one sub the 12 in a ported box need 1.7 @ 35 hz per sub and optimal would be 2.2 cubes per sub at 34 hz. so il be good its even on the site too on good specific enclosure sizes for the subs
    and can you do me a favor and tell JAMESBANG that i'll be back 9/3/09
    he banned me for a week..and if he needs to tell me anythign just relay the message to you
    damn bro, johnny drama is a btch on ca.com
    he banned me but w/e..
    dumbass mods power tripping..he just started cussing at me and stuff for no reason and all i asked was "isn't there a better way to handle this? i mean i understand you're a mod but i don't think you can cuss at me and power trip because you're a mod"
    and he just banned me lol..
    by the way..
    single 12" type r sub
    m500 mono amp alpine
    ported box
    wiring kit , all things needed for amp

    how much do u think all that is? cause i think i got quoted a good deal, reputable shop
    500$ .
    yo eggy.
    so i remember u told me to get a 2-3 cubic feet box for my 12" type r sub
    aren't the sizes like 1.5 cubic feet though? i just went to my local shop asking about a 12" sub box PORTED like u told me, and that's what they showed me.
    is that fine? 1.5 cubic feet
    okay so that's all i need? a box?
    can u link me to places that sell the size i need for a 12" sub
    i decided on a single 12 not 10
    yo eggy hustles...wsup man
    so alright now that im somewhat educated on this topic..
    HU- kenwood one that i wanted
    Speakers- don't get rear fill..instead get rsd components
    Amplifier- 2 channel amp.
    subwoofer- alpine type r 12" singe sub
    okay, so can you please tell me for the subwoofer um what exactly what else i need to get?
    i heard i need to get a box, etc and whatnot what other accessories do i need? please link me on that..because i know for speakers all you do is buy the speakers..but i know with a sub and amp it's different
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