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  • it looks like they fit pretty snug. i wish i didnt have to cut my bumper but they still look pretty good. Are you going to Import alliance?
    dude... saw your car today parked on thompson... how long have you had the 01-03 Fogs installed? I just got mine in the mail yesterday... im doing them and my rear camber kit this weekend.... any advise on those lights.?
    Personal Checklist:

    [DONE] LEDs
    [DONE] Blackhousing
    [DONE] HID Lowbeam
    [DONE] Fogs
    [DONE] HID Fogs Bulbs
    [DONE] Lamin-X
    [DONE] LED Brake Lamps
    Red LED Defrost

    [DONE] Window Spoiler
    [DONE] Tint
    Lip, or Kit? Not in a million years with the new house lol!!! (Driveway issue)
    Valve Cover
    Misc Brackets?

    Suspension, Coilovers
    [DONE] Intake
    [DONE] Rear Sway

    [PARTIAL] Sound Dampening (front doors, rear deck)
    Small Sub?
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