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  • Hell no...I've fallen in love with this car. It's my first car and I get so many comments on it bc ppl can't believe it is 13 years old and looks better and has.more features than practically all of my friend's 2004 cars haha
    thats rough haha I have a bunch of ppl that wanna get a shoot together come spring time. My friend just got his coils in for his MK4 gti, he would bring his friend who has a dumped 2011 STi (look for a believe a white sti on and my friends dropped maxima. I might even surprise everybody with a brand new Audi A3 if I enjoy my test drive on Friday lol
    yo do you live more towards the service road or vets highway on grissom? there was an accident the other day on wheeler so I made a right before the Mobil station and wound up going by Grissom and kept an eye out but nothing lol
    nope :( not until I put my coilovers on...i have them, im just waiting for the spring considering it started snowing today lol
    my grandparents live on Rollingwood you go north on wheeler from the LIE and go around that big bend its the first street on the right there
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