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  • Ohh that's so sickk! I skated up there a couple times.. Got tired of it cause you had to wear pads haha put I have neighbors with 2 240s! S13 or S14?
    Hey man, I see you live in Kernersville! I'm in Oak Ridge.. do you work at the 4th of July Park??
    Whats up man I see you are in Kernersville we should get up some time and take some pics. i have a lowered 2001 coupe w/ 18's intake and a few other minor mods
    I actually came to the park last Friday afternoon about 3:00 for a while and looked for ya up there. Just had a strut blow out on me this weekend. I will have to drive on it for a while until the funds are available for a new set. Trying to find some Koni STR.T's for it. If I can't I'll just get some "blues".
    I commute to NC A&T daily for classes. I live in the Western section of Gboro off Guilford College Rd.
    I haven't done that much to mine other than audio and an intake. If you need help with audio I got you. Other than that GL finding someone. There's a shop in Greensboro called Leonard Imports and he does work on Honda Acura Toyota Lexus. Look him up for basics. I'm not sure what else he would do.
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