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    California Turbo Build

    shit..... did realize this was a 2018 post. . . . my bad
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    California Turbo Build

    You have 3 routes that you can go with an F23 turbo build in SoCal. 1. AAA 1-day pass every time you want to drive the car. 2. Illegal smog. It's much easier to do on anything pre-2000 because of smog laws and how they test. You'll just need to know the right people, and make sure never to...
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    J32 and auto trans swap

    I used the auto trans out of a 2006 accord with my J32. There is a parts list on Acurazine about what needs to be swapped over from the TL trans to the Accord trans. Accord trans is much more bullet proof and the final gear is enough to go beyond the limit of the speedometer. The TL tiptronic...
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    FS: Comptech, J's racing, Neuspeed, Unorthodox Racing pullies and more!

    If i wasnt planning on selling as soon as i finish my BAR for my swap, i'd be picking those pullies up off of you. GLWS man.
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    Goodbye to my 6thgen and Thank you forum members

    Andy!!!! I Can't believe it! Hopefully the next owner cares for her the way you did. I just dug these up from 2009!
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    ★ Russianred's 1991 Nissan Skyline GTR RB26DETT ★

    Re: ★ Russianred's 1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R RB32DET Widebody Track Edition ★ That thing is amazing man
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    FS: Wedge Mount, Sparco Brackets, Harness Bar

    Re: Wedge Mount, Sparco Brackets, Harness Bar, Sedan Rear lip The interiors are pretty much swapable, so I don't see what it wouldn't fit
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    FS: Wedge Mount, Sparco Brackets, Harness Bar

    Decided to got a different route with my 6thgen. Phone is currently broken so I will only be able to reply in the evenings after work for the first couple days until my replacement phone arrives. All Parts Located in Chino CA, locals get priority. Slide into my DM's Wedge Engineering 98-02...
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    Opinions on tires

    if you're getting new tires, go with 235/45/17 if you want to keep your speedometer accurate. If you don't want a tire that thick, you can go with 225/45/17.
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    FS: V6 4AT Auto Transmission ONLY *14K* miles fresh rebuild. $450

    Re: V6 4AT Auto Transmission ONLY *14K* miles fresh rebuild. $800 Get it for the new owner!:ehcapt:
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    FS: V6 4AT Auto Transmission ONLY *14K* miles fresh rebuild. $450

    *Update 2/23/2014* I want this out of my garage. $450 takes it! Sooo.... long story short, I had my transmission rebuilt and 14k miles later I thought it had blown up. My car sat in my parents garage for 2.5 years and when I finally got my car on a lift, I found out that I had only broken...
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    FS: NRG Strut Bar, WILL SHIP!

    Re: NRG Strut Bar, OEM sunroof Visor, rear window Visor, Datum1 Tow hook, & sedan Vis Haven't gone in a while.