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  • alright sounds good! that would be soo dope! kevin is down to go! yeah keep me updated alright. yeah it looks real sick!
    yeah true bro. they're probably daddy's car u know lmao! f*ck it though we fixed ours... and our cars can look better then theirs. well im thinking of throwing the other one away cause its pretty messed up... its crashed from the front. im only going to take the hood latch off to put it on my other hood.
    hahah alright! dont trip bro my car is freakin scratched as well. from far it looks clean but when u get close you can really tell some scratches. the hood i got is carbon fiber but ima paint it black because the part where it was cracked got really messed up so i laid new fiber on there n i even it out so now i have decided to paint it all black. it looks real clean when i put the primer on there. tomorrow ima paint it and make it look good! hopefully by sunday ill be done!! then ima save money and send it to the body shop to get painted. btw u can get a nice cf hood for like 200 bux new bro. but dont trip some cars that go there are way more f*ck up then my car! i mean like wayyyyy f*cked up!!! lol n btw remember we r built not bought!!!
    damn i know that sux... my bad bro :-(... not a lot of 6th gen go there but maybe we need to invite more 6th gen there. lol a bunch of people just kick it there its chill since i been going there i only saw one coupe that was kinda fixed up. my bad once again but let me know whenever you decide to roll down here again. this is the only Wednesday i missed because i was tired of my f***** up hood so i had to fix the other one i got... but let me know... this is my cell # (818) 983-5921, hit me up whenever you decide to go again to my cell or to this website.
    aww damn that sux bro... i was going to go but i was working on a cf hood i picked up for 30 bux that was cracked so i was fixing it so ima put it on today. thats why i wasnt able to go. next time u go let me know n ima go for sure. i just didnt go to this time because of the hood.
    oh its kool. oh ok im planning to get one from ebay. my friend got a bombass exhaust system for his s14 for 135 installed.
    oh i see... well let me know some wednesday u can n ill meet u up there. yeah craigslist has some alright stuff at times. 2kracing is on reseda n hart. they have almost everything there. the pricing is alright, sometimes pricy n sometimes alright. ima get my headers from there. n im looking for an exhaust system.
    oh my bad bro. well if u can head out next week on wednesday.
    well i got the headlights n tail lights from private sellers. most of my parts i get them from a performance shop here in Reseda called 2kRacing. n some i find on craigslist.com.
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