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    Eclipse99fwb 98 sedan Ex

    Your car looks great! Can't go wrong with black wheels. I'm thinking of buying new vision wheels in matte back finish once I'm done with the suspension.
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    FS: PART OUT: suspension, exhaust and stuff

    Is the Progress rear sway bar still available?
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    HandA Accessories

    Sad news, indeed. Right now, I usually go to hondapartsnow.
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    Evan's 05 TL 6MT

    Looks nice! I'm curious about the sound of the Tsudo catback.
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    I would check the cylinder position sensor and the wiring also.
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    Brake pedal goes to the floor!!

    If no leaks, try to bleed the brakes to remove air and water in the system.
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    02 EX Coupe Tan seat skins?

    Try going to a local upholstery shop.
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    Jon's FRS

    That's a sharp-looking car! How's the wet traction and tread life of your tires? I saw a good deal on Hankook tires at 4wheelonline and I'm planning to buy a set for my Accord.
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Installed new plugs and wires. Then I bought a set of used american racing wheels from a local junkyard. I'm planning to paint these rims before I fit them on my car.
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    Illuminated windows and mirror switches button

    Cool. Is there any write-up for this mod?
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    Enne's 1989 Honda Prelude Si 2.0 4WS

    Classic yet still look nice. I dig the headlights.
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    FS: Q-Forms Kick Panels in Tan Color

    Bump. Are they still available?
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    Eye candy material- 60 second preview of my Accord

    The wheels look cool as well as the interior!
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    OGs post up!

    Nice rides! Any performance mods that you did on your S2000?
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    Rear glass replacement for coupe

    Depends on the damage. I would go to a reputable glass shop and ask for a quote or recommendations.