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  • Plastidip? Lol. White or pink or green or purple or orange, lol. Sky's the limit.
    If they're straight and in good shape that's not a bad price. That's about what they go for on most civic forums.
    With or without tires? That's what I paid for mine with decent tires and they were in pretty good/straight shape.
    Meet in Springfield on April 14, 10am. I'll get back to you with the exact location. We'd be the only 6Gs but theres looking to be a good turnout.
    If I dont have work then I for sure will. If not then the next one cause hopefully the cars gonna be sick by then. paychecks ftw
    Another meet in Joplin on the 16th. Nothing too fancy and im probably gonna be rocking stock wheels. You should try and make it. A couple guys from springfield coming too.
    There's a big meet going on in Joplin this Sunday, 9/30, @ 1pm. You should go.
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