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  • would you be willing to send me a close up on your tire stretch?
    if that isn't too much to ask. just want to get a general idea of how a 205/40 would fit on my tl rims!
    Cool, thanks for checking. Seems like that alternator just takes a little bit of load off the system. Did you have to do anything to lengthen the plugs or did they all reach?
    yeah, i've bought stuff from them before because their prices are good. i've been wanting door speakers too, i'm just afraid of them not fitting, so i haven't spent the money.
    it's no problem, you saved me some cash, so you deserved it, haha. i ended up getting a new single din as well with the 6x9's. my headunit now is real old, half the buttons don't work anymore and it randomly turns off all the time haha, it sucks.
    So usually by the end of the month, ill avoid driving far or through where cops always patrol. Majority of them are dicks to people driving lowered imports. Good thing I don't drive a civic/Integra i would get pulled over everyday.
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