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    Mods close thread

    Re: James' 850whp Turbo "Stock" J36 Build Sorry ❤
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    Mods close thread

    James' 850whp Turbo "Stock" J36 Build Thanks mommy!
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    nazcawil's 98 V6 Sedan *Updated*

    Achilles, here's a picture of the shift knob. I'm not sure if they make them anymore, and fitment isn't that great, lol, but it looks alright I guess. Also, my interior isn't usually that dirty... Edit: fixed drunk
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    CoCo CaMRoN's 98 Sedan EX

    What's up Cody! The whip looks great, that paint looks even better in real life.
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    New from NC

    Definitely get an accord man! I've only seen a few well done 6th gens here in NC, keep us updated on the search!
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    nazcawil's 98 V6 Sedan *Updated*

    Bump for roof rack... lol. Also, I'm starting to dislike my mugen lip. I should've gotten the type r, twas a last minute change of mind to get the mugen, owhale.. I want to get this bumper swap underway... just need the bumper retainer. I'm going to do that this week probably, it looks...
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    A buried gem... Late 60's Honda minitrail 50cc

    Little did they know Honda was plotting to take over the car world... and then give it back, lol. My grandpa was quite the Impala fan, to say the least! The newer one has less than 2,000 miles on it..... :wub:
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    Finally Dumped (greekpizza)

    Niiiiiice!! Looks great!
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    A buried gem... Late 60's Honda minitrail 50cc

    Hey guys, I was looking through my grandpas old garage the other day, admiring his classic chevrolets. I noticed a thin tire barely sticking out of what I thought was a pile of blankets and other misc. stuff in the back corner of the garage. I instantly knew what it was and felt like a fool...
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    poweredByHonda 1999 Honda Accord Coupe EX (56k)

    Looks great man! I love that color. Classy!
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Put my roof rack on. Getting a basket soon so I can starting hoarding on the roof of my car.
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    kacevedo3217's Ride Thread (56k)

    Looks good man. I wanna paint my car red...
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    Richard's '02 V6 Coupe EX-L

    **Oct.30 More pics added!** Sil2DrV6's '02 CG2 (56k sry) I'm sold on the painted mudguards now. Nice ride man!
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    LeAccord's 98 Accord Sedan CG1 V6-L (sold...) [56k!!]

    LeAccord's 98 Accord Sedan CG1 V6-L [56k!] Nice ride man, can't wait to see it lowered!
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    nazcawil's 98 V6 Sedan *Updated*

    bump for paint matched side trim, skirts and lip. Thanks, I doubt I could go much lower right now due to driveway issues. I'm moving soon so then I'll probably drop it reallllll low.