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  • I never saw the below messages since they were on your wall instead of mine haha. Hmm either Acurazine or Ebay. I think I bought mine off Ebay, just measured the hole on the wheel then looked for listings that had the cap sizes listed. I believe they are the same size as the caps that came on my stock EX wheels.
    i've been seeing alot of honda center caps on the net, i just dont know the specs.
    i have a choice of gunmetal and silver finish. i went with silver thinking it will give a contrast to my DEP. But now i'm having second thoughts..
    I deleted some stuff. If they came with TPMS sensors you can sell them on Acurazine pretty easily.
    yeah i need to clean it out, i let it get too big when i was a supporter and now i can barely keep it open lol.

    Glad you found some A-specs
    Saw ur car's picture on Craigslist ad for the roof spoiler wanted to know ur feedback on it I'm interested on getting one.
    Woow! What a compliment. Thanks for that. I'm only rocking sportlines. And I know that it's "the lower the better" game most of them are playing for the rOTM. But I'll see if I can take some decent pictures.
    Also. Thanks alot for the help on the gas mileage issue. I moved to 87 regular unleaded and the car runs better. No more stalling on acceleration.
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