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  • What's up man I need someone to install my coilovers as well what do you say? Contact me at 7187754579
    if your looking for an evo one of my freinds is looking to sell his.. he bought it a few years ago and now hates the car..lmk if your interested.. its pushing just under 400hp
    i hear you ... i also need the mounts gonna try to do alot this winter...since my car sits more in the winter than any other season...well if anything ill just do mine then and see what i can help you with yours when you do get a chance to do it....ill holla if anything
    their is one guy who is actually selling the headlights with the projectors in it .....and another just selling the projectors but willing to throw in the headlights and some other stuff....if you go with the second dude he has two sets of shrouds that he will give you and ill buy a set off you cuz i need shrouds ....either way both are selling for real cheap and you can get the headlights threw them so let me knw ill put up the links for you and then what ever part i need ill buy from you and what ever ....we help each other out win/win
    i was gonna say buy the set that guy has for sale they not bad looking and ill help you fix them also gonna do the ccfl halo **** to mine ...check it out see if you wanna do it ..check out
    oh okay well im gonna try it since i messed up my right one im gonna practice on that reflector and im holding the left one for you ....then im gonna get another set to actually do the retro cuz i dnt have a drive way so cnt take of the lights and take them apart while i leave my car in the street with no lights lol so when i get my second set ill give you the right reflector ;)
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