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  • Mhmm. I used the accord switch so I'm not that familier with the civic switch. However when I wired mines just testing it with the civic switch, it worked fine. Double check your harness. Sometimes a connection will "click" in but will push the actual pin out and not touch anything.
    no im just using what I got with the fogs..i followed the DIY install and the switch that came the switch is lighting up but the lights still dont
    can I ask you a question? I saw you have the civ fogs and you just posted on the install thread. I'm installing mine right now and I cant get connection. I have everything hooked up and spliced, but im not getting anything from the fogs and the switch isnt lighting up either....any ideas??? thanks
    how the hell do you upload pictures to the threads? i want to put up a picture of my decal. lol i just dont get it. i dont know how to resize pictures either.
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