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  • just wanted to let you know we are having a meet in nj this saturday if you want more info go to the meets section its sept. 4th under the g.w. bridge on the jersey side
    Na..bro ur car is ma nice .where u talking about getting ride of the car ?? lol..but na dont i whish i hade my car like that
    yo wazz good ..yo i say ur car the other day in the streets i almost crashed my dad's 1990 honda accord lookin at ur car but bro u inspired me..lmao i had 2 get a Honda accord the next day i got 1 in white a 99 ...but damm ur dominican ride looks nice!!
    Na, But my girl is. We always go visit her mother in Perth Amboy when we go to NY. I'm originally from Brooklyn but we live in Tampa,FL right now.

    I just saw the pics and it looked so familiar so i figured it was amboy.
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