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  • Tim, Happy Birthday, Man! I know you haven't been on in awhile, but thought I would acknowledge the day. Hope it's a good one. All the best!
    Alright Thanks haha. Painted it semi gloss black already... I have a feeling it's going to look funky on my car though, just that vibe.
    it's very easy to put it on. Just use the double tape. I did paint it, but it was pretty crappy hahahaha
    sup man. Hey was the m3 trunk lip difficult for you to put on and did you paint it to match your car too?
    Yo so whats this so cal ninja crew? its all 6th gen o wut? i live in norwalk.. across the street is la mirada lol.. when will u guys meet? give me some details i wouldnt mind driving and meeting up with u guys
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