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    Hi! Can you recommend struts and springs with no or min lowering (and no "boat look") for V6...

    Hi! Can you recommend struts and springs with no or min lowering (and no "boat look") for V6 coupe, please? Budget is very flexible. If stuff worth it, I will go for it. Thank you!
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    Shock absorbers recommendation

    Can someone also recommend me the stock springs for KYB AGX struts, please? With no or min lowering (0.5''-0.75'' max). All the info I could find about springs is about lowering the car. Or if you can re-direct me to the proper link/info, will appreciate that!
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    Need steering knuckle for my 2000 accord lx: please help! Need places on where to find them!

    Check local wrecking yards or "car cemeteries" for parts if you want to save $ and/or fix it fast
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    THE Suspension Review Thread

    Can you mention the prat # for the Eibach Sway Bar (front and rear), please? Google search doesnt give anything for accord 6th gen
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    IVE-W530 Alpine Head Unit Settings not available

    I have Alpine IVA-W505 unit, and tried to mess up with bluetooth settings as well, but no luck yet. Alpine discontinued all the bluetooth adapters for those kind of units. I bought the aftermarket one on ebay, but the unit still doesnt see it, and I cant make it work through the settings. If you...
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    Shock absorbers recommendation

    Time to replace front and rare shocks for my coupe. I heard KYB AGX are good. Or is it worth buying Bilsteins? Are they better in performance compare to KYB? Any other brand/model you guys can recommend who had an experience of replacing them. Much appreciated any input!
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    Aftermarket remote doesn't work trunk release

    Maybe try to re-program your new fob I would personally go to the nearest honda official dealer, and buy the OEM key fob. I dont trust those very specific things selling on ebay/amazon
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    Comment by 'Volo' in media '20191214_154802'

    What suspension did you install?
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    Cam gear seal thing

    This is camshaft holder cap seal (O-ring) I changed mine last summer because it was leaking {Added}: and its only one from the side you've shown. But my recommendation is still buy two O-rings as a back up, because it is very finicky to get it in and close that cap. High posibility to damage the...
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    What did you do today Auto Detailing related?

    Question to detail enthusiasts regarding auto body work: I did re-paint and put the clear coat on my car last summer, however, didn't have time to do the wet sanding and two-step buffing + polishing for my car before the winter came. It says that I had to do those steps (wet sanding, buffing...
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    Richard's '03 CL-S 6MT

    Sil2DrV6 can you share a link of where to buy such phone holder? Or at least the name of it, so I can google it? Thanks!
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    Slips in 4th and reverse when warm, 2001 V6 4 Door

    Just a general question: how often I should change my ATF? And it should be Honda OEM fluid, as I understand? Thanks, guys!
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    Brake Upgrade Options

    Ended up with Power Stop Z26-503 - Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Front Brake Pads and RAYBESTOS 96711 front rotors. Works sick!
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    L.E.D. Headlights

    Hmmm.. here is another thing I figured: so high beams on coupe is also an DLR. I guess when DLR is running, the halogen bulbs are dimmed, and when you turn the high beams - they are brighter. LED bulbs are not dimmable. Does it mean LED bulbs will not work on coupes for high beams in our case...
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    L.E.D. Headlights

    I want to switch my halogen high beam bulbs into LEDs, because I have this ugly yellow colour on my high beams. The question is: what would be a better choice for LED bulbs with high output/lumens and white/blueish colour? Or any other options/recommendations are much appreciated! Thanks, guys!