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  • Is the sway bar designed for a coupe?
    vu 6thgen
    I've read that it fits the 6thgen accord coupes but might require modification of the hanger depending on 4cyl or V6. You would need to do more research to be honest.

    I know for a fact that on my sedan, 4cyl, I had to either bend or cut the exhaust hanger for it fit without rubbing anything.
    i have a slammed gold sedan with a black mugen front lip always parked next to a slammed red SI
    i could only park in the bst building cuz i couldnt make it over any other speed bumps around skool :p
    Your headlights are sold my friend :) I have a final today so later in the morning I will connect my bank account to my pay al cause I have yet to do so, then I can send to $325 usd?can I get some paypal info from you? :D
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