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  • Yo, I like the set up of your rims/suspension set up, what are the specs of your rims/suspension package? i guess tire size too? Looks great.
    haha hell yea puttin cali on da map wit da 6th gen accords lol nd yea i do on my cell lol hit me up ina pm
    Haha yeah figured it'd set in n be lower
    go for it n raise it up I can help if u want cuz I gotta get my impact still haha
    after a while ull only wanna go lower n lower:)
    I'll come thru. I can't stay for long though. I'll just help you out with the problems and give you tips for the install. Pm me yor number or directions. All I know is you live on margarita between hot springs and winchester
    I just got back to my girls house from dropping my car off home in sd. I'm going back home Wednesday morning or 3pm depends. I'm free most of the day tomorrow hit me up and I'll help you out
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