5 speed

  1. Shane Thomas

    DIY Short shift mod (squishy gears?)

    Hey all, So lately I have been getting the mod itch and wanting to improve and change up my accord to make it my own. This is my first Honda I’ve owned out of the 20 something cars I’ve had, and I can honestly say it’s one of the most fun vehicles to upgrade and mod up. So this last weekend I...
  2. R

    Very Specific Manual Swap Question

    Hi there, I'm sorry to post yet another 5 speed swap question but I've been looking for hours and can't find a specific answer to my situation. I have two Accords, a 1998 LX 4AT and a 1998 EX 5MT (both F23A1 engine). I want to manual swap the LX. The plan is to swap the ECU and associated...