1. A

    How does a dyno tuner tune a chipped P28 ECU?

    Getting a dyno tune this week and I can’t find any post on how dyno tuners tune chipped P28 ECUs. Do they use a live chip reader and plug directly into the ECU and use a program like Neptune for example? Whoever had their car dynoed and has a P28, can you tell me how that worked?
  2. accorddude44

    CL1 Euro R engine in a CG5 Sedan?

    Hey all, I'm new here. I'm 16 and from New Zealand! I've got a 1998 Accord LXi (DX/VP for those of you in the US) with an F23A5 non-VTEC plant, it burns oil badly. I've spotted a 2002 Accord Euro R at a wrecker's that's been in a front-end collision, the radiator seems fucked, but the engine...