1. accorddude44

    CL1 Euro R engine in a CG5 Sedan?

    Hey all, I'm new here. I'm 16 and from New Zealand! I've got a 1998 Accord LXi (DX/VP for those of you in the US) with an F23A5 non-VTEC plant, it burns oil badly. I've spotted a 2002 Accord Euro R at a wrecker's that's been in a front-end collision, the radiator seems fucked, but the engine...
  2. A

    G23 Boosted Build Ideas?

    Thinking about a G23 custom build. Wondering if these parts would work out H22a dohc vtec head rsx 86mm pistons 4036 h22a crank (50mm journals) (90.3 stroke opposed to 97mm f23 crank) k20 rods gt35 turbo and all the other bolt ons but these parts here are my main compatability concerns.